From January to August 2021, Hangzhou's exports increase by 24.5%
2021-11-30 09:09

From January to August of 2021,Hangzhou achieved CNY 472.934 billion in imports and exports of goods,an increase of 25.0%over the same period last year.Of this total,exports totaled CNY 292.231 billion,up 24.5%,and imports totaled CNY 180.703 billion,up 25.8%.Excluding provincial companies,imports and exports totaled CNY 440.053 billion,up 25.9%,of which exports totaled CNY 279.295 billion,up 26.3%,and imports totaled CNY 160.758 billion,up 25.3%.

In terms of exports of goods from several major trading partners,Hangzhou exported CNY 50.165 billion to the United States,CNY 73.593 billion to the European Union,up 24.9%,CNY 14.936 billion to Japan,up 2.9%,and CNY 35.436 billion to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations,up 31.1%.Exports to Russia totaled CNY 7.434 billion,up 23.6%,and exports to Africa totaled CNY 11.734 billion,up 9.6%.Exports to countries and regions along the Belt and Road Initiative routes totaled CNY 95.336 billion,an increase of 29.6%.

Hangzhou's private enterprises exported CNY 206.115 billion of goods,an increase of 26.2%,accounting for 70.5%of the city's total exports.In the same period,exports of goods from foreign-invested enterprises totaled CNY 52.91 billion,up 18.7%,while exports from state-owned enterprises totaled CNY 31.912 billion,up 24.6%.

Of this total,exports of mechanical and electrical products totaled CNY 128.216 billion,up 25.0%;exports of high-tech products totaled CNY 53.744 billion,up 35.9%;and exports of labor-intensive products totaled CNY 73.159 billion,up 4.9%.Among them,exports of textiles,clothing,furniture,plastic products,luggage,footwear and lamps increased by-7.2%,1.3%,40.9%,23.9%,3.0%,17.4%and 13.5%,respectively.

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