Brand Going Overseas, The New Vane of Hangzhou Cross-Border E-Commerce Comprehensive Pilot Zone
2021-11-22 09:10

In the past few years,China’s new foreign trade business models and new models have been vigorously developed under the strong support of the state.In the future,the development of digitalization,globalization and branding will be further accelerated.Therefore,promoting cross-border e-commerce brands to go overseas is of great significance for cultivating new formats and models of foreign trade and promoting the high-quality development of foreign trade.

On the first afternoon of the 130th China Import and Export Commodities Fair(Canton Fair),the first Pearl River International Trade Forum,the new business type Summit Forum on Foreign Trade under the New Development pattern,Hangzhou Cross-border E-commerce Comprehensive Pilot Zone released the"Young Eagle"action plan for cross-border e-commerce brands going overseas.

After more than six years of development,the brand going overseas will become the new development direction of Hangzhou Comprehensive Pilot Zone.

01 Accelerate the advancement of electronic trade and digital transformation

Cross-border e-commerce is a typical example of the electronic and digital transformation of trade.Hangzhou cross-border e-commerce comprehensive test zone has maintained an annual growth rate of more than double digits for more than six years since its establishment.Especially since last year,a large number of traditional foreign trade has bucked the trend through cross-border e-commerce.Compared with traditional foreign trade,cross-border e-commerce gives manufacturers direct access to consumers,with faster delivery,lower costs,more convenient transactions and other remarkable characteristics,will become a new way of trade in the future.

02 The global layout of cross-border e-commerce has become an opportunity

The rapid popularization of consumer Internet is accelerating the upgrading of industrial Internet,while the rapid development of cross-border e-commerce will further smooth the domestic and international double cycle.The global layout will become the mainstream trend of cross-border e-commerce development,which is also a major opportunity for many enterprises.In recent years,the development of cross-border e-commerce in emerging markets in Southeast Asia is a clear example.Continuous payments have been granted a Singapore payment licence some time ago,and cross-border collection services have been launched in Vietnam.

03 Branding development becomes the key

With the increase of similar merchants in cross-border e-commerce platform and the increasingly fierce competition for commodity homogenization,more and more enterprises realize the importance of building their own brands.Hangzhou Zibuyu Group has fully transformed from domestic e-commerce to cross-border e-commerce,but it was seriously affected at the beginning of last year.Later,it achieved rapid growth by changing its marketing strategy by developing live video streaming from independent stations.In the past three years,the annual compound rate of sales of Zibuyu independent station is as high as 300%,the proportion of independent station marketing is close to 20%,and the annual sales scale of 20 brands has exceeded 10 million yuan.

Hangzhou will actively adapt to the major changes in the global trade and consumption pattern,especially the trend of accelerated online cross-border trade and a substantial increase in overseas e-commerce penetration.Hangzhou will vigorously implement cross-border e-commerce brand building campaign to promote trade transformation,industrial upgrading and value reshaping.

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