Cross-border e-commerce brand service ecological optimization
2021-11-18 10:30

In order to adapt to the current trend of online transfer of global trade acceleration,and seize the opportunities of the substantial increase in overseas e-commerce penetration and the rapid growth of e-commerce in emerging markets,Hangzhou Cross-border E-commerce Comprehensive Test Zone accelerates subject cultivation,operation mode innovation and service ecological optimization by carrying out Brand Oversea Young Eagle Plan,actively creates a favorable market environment and policy environment,continues to improve its brand recognition,construction,communication and support system,and promotes the transformation and upgrading of foreign trade and the reshaping of the value chain of the industrial chain with cross-border e-commerce brands,and strives to build a world-class cross-border e-commerce demonstration center.

01 Accelerate the training of international talents for brands going overseas.

Cooperate with cross-border e-commerce platforms to build a regional brand training center,carry out brand design,research and development,patent application,international certification,brand promotion,intellectual property protection training,and explore a multi-level training model for brand overseas international talents.Incorporate brand education into the cross-border e-commerce talent training system,and strengthen the construction of disciplines,majors and courses related to cross-border e-commerce brands.Organize a cross-border e-commerce brand entrepreneurship and innovation competition to gather resources from overseas students and cultivate a group of international teams with brand thinking,local market insights,and overseas ecological service application and management capabilities.

02 Build a demonstration park and base for brands going overseas.

Build a brand demonstration park and demonstration base,focusing on gathering a number of leading enterprises with good product quality,diversified brand marketing channels and large market share.Speed up the cultivation of cross-border e-commerce regional brands,guide the combination of cross-border e-commerce brand enterprises,platforms,service providers and industrial belts,innovate the"manufacturing+ brand"cooperation model,and enhance the influence of cross-border e-commerce regional brands.

03 Cultivate high-quality service providers for brands to go overseas.

Accelerate the cultivation of a number of brand building intermediary service agencies,encourage the development of brand marketing agencies such as social live broadcast agencies,digital marketing agencies,and software services,introduce intellectual property service organizations such as trademark registration,patent application,quality consulting,and international certification to support the development of third-party service providers such as R&D,design,finance,logistics,and operations.Support brand service providers to carry out global e-commerce data and user profile analysis,explore user insights,brand positioning,product innovation,advertising and supply chain service process standardization,and improve cross-border e-commerce brand service ecology.

04 Hold a series of activities for brands to go overseas.

Make use of"China Brand Day"to vigorously promote the overseas enterprises of well-known cross-border e-commerce brands,so as to improve the influence and recognition of independent brands.Regularly hold high-end forums and industry docking meetings for cross-border e-commerce brands,invite government officials,experts,scholars and leading enterprises to exchange new trends and brand-building measures for cross-border e-commerce brands,and promote excellent cross-border e-commerce brands.Integrate media resources at all levels,vigorously promote the typical experience of cross-border e-commerce brands going to sea,and constantly enhance their influence.

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