Alibaba Zhang Yong: The globalization of parcels will definitely move towards the globalization of digital supply chains
2021-11-17 09:20

At the 2021 Global Wisdom Logistics Summit held in Hangzhou,Zhang Yong,chairman and CEO of Alibaba Group,shared a series of observations on the logistics industry.

In Zhang Yong's view,the logistics industry is becoming more and more"integrated".The rapid development of China's logistics industry in the past few years stems from the same-frequency resonance of the whole ecology.On the one hand,C2C and B2C are moving towards M2C in an all-round way,and will eventually move towards C2M,and the goods that are designed and produced quickly can reach consumers more quickly.On the other hand,as"the mobile Internet turns everyone into netizens and the pandemic turns all stores into online stores",the end of the whole commercial facility is becoming more and more integrated and digital.

At the Global Wisdom Logistics Summit in 2019,Zhang Yong proposed that the future logistics must be from digital to digital intelligence.Nowadays,digital intelligence has become a broad consensus in the industry.In Zhang Yong's view,the ability of digitization and intelligence is being widely used in all aspects of the logistics industry.Different from the highly integrated and centralized way in the West,the great development of China's logistics industry for many years depends on industrial coordination,ecological coordination,network coordination,and social coordination from central cities to rural's a distributed social network.

As of June this year,China's express delivery volume had exceeded 40 billion,close to the total number of parcels for the whole of 2017,and is expected to exceed 95 billion in 2021,according to data released by the State Post Bureau.Zhang Yong believes that China has the world's largest consumer market and the world's leading digital business infrastructure,and the number of express packages will certainly far exceed that of other countries,but the large number of packages will also bring a series of new problems.It is the social responsibility that all logistics practitioners,including Cainiao,should share the social responsibility of using the concept and practice of circular economy and responding to the national strategy of carbon peak and carbon neutrality.

"Don't underestimate this small electronic face sheet.It helps save hundreds of thousands of tons of carbon emissions a year.Cainiao should benefit the society while building an ecosystem to benefit business.Green is Cainiao's social responsibility.The first entry point for the company is to use digital and intelligent innovation to undertake the green mission."Zhang Yong said.

Since the pandemic,the volume of imports and exports has increased significantly with the"unique scenery"of China's supply chain,and globalization is taking on a new look.Zhang Yong holds that the process of globalization is bound to face the globalization of the entire digital logistics infrastructure,the whole manufacturing capacity and supply chain capacity,and the globalization of parcels will eventually lead to the globalization of the digital supply chain.

At the 2021 Global Wisdom Logistics Summit,rookie CEO Wan Lin declared that the major strategic opportunity period for logistics has come,and the incremental track of logistics is mainly in three aspects:the digitization and intelligence of logistics will be greatly accelerated;the consumer supply chain will be upgraded to the industrial supply chain;and Chinese logistics enterprises will more and more participate in the construction of global logistics.

"in order to serve the different needs of domestic and international businessmen,consumers and the industrial chain,Cainiao will insist on being a global industrial Internet company driven by customer value."Wan Lin pointed out that Cainiao not only has the technological innovation nature of Internet companies,but also has a solid logistics operation. "As long as it is the value needed by customers and society,Cainiao will innovate and provide solid and good services."

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