Taobao Live, the country's first bonded warehouse live broadcast base landed in Hangzhou
2021-11-15 10:23

Taobao Live,the country's first bonded warehouse live broadcast base,was built by Taobao Live and Taobao Global purchase Joint bonded Warehouse,which aims to expand the influence of cross-border bonded business.

Zhang Liqian,deputy director of the Hangzhou Comprehensive Free Trade Zone Management Office,mentioned that thanks to the country's opening up to the outside world and preferential policies for cross-border trade,the number of China's cross-border e-commerce platforms has exploded,and China's cross-border e-commerce imports and exports totaled 1.69 trillion yuan,an increase of 31.1%.Of this total,imports totaled 570 billion yuan,an increase of 16.5%.Double-digit rapid growth shows that cross-border e-commerce has a strong vitality,as new business type achieved rapid development.In 2020,cross-border imports in Hangzhou Comprehensive bonded area increased by 10%against the trend.Hangzhou Comprehensive bonded area in Qiantang District has the title of the country's first"cross-border bonded warehouse live headquarters base".The first cross-border bonded warehouse direct broadcast room landed here,which will help the cross-border e-commerce industry in Hangzhou Comprehensive Insurance Zone to move towards a broader world.

Taobao Live Ecological Base&Anchor Director Xu Bai said:In terms of urging e-commerce live broadcasts,in addition to the anchor's personality and professionalism,the more important thing is the goods in the live broadcast room.In the past year,we have not only organized Tmall and Taobao’s explosive high-end products,but also started to deploy the country’s key industry belts by introducing the Taobao live broadcast base.Together with our ecological partners,we have helped hundreds of thousands of companies achieve digitalization,and helped hundreds of thousands of anchors find better quality and richer goods and supply chains.In 2021,Taobao Live will continue to optimize the product and service capabilities of the platform,and promote the upgrade of Taobao Live Base.From extensive base management to in-depth operation,the comprehensive strength of the base has been comprehensively improved.In 2021,Taobao Live is expected to establish 300 live broadcast bases across the country,driving high-quality brands and good sources of goods in 100 industrial belts.Among them,the bonded warehouse live broadcast adheres to the purpose of creating"authentic,traceable,bonded,and direct delivery"to enable more professional anchors to develop steadily and easily realize global sales.

In the future,Taobao Live bonded Warehouse Live Base will be carried out in more places to jointly promote the high-speed and orderly development of Taobao Live in the field of cross-border e-commerce.

The person in charge of Taobao Global Shopping first mentioned:Taobao Global Shopping Division is an overseas shopping platform created by Taobao in 2007.In the early days,it served 800 million Taobao users in the form of purchasing+ direct mail.At present,with the further improvement of the national import model,Global Shopping has gradually transformed into an e-commerce platform for cross-border bonded+ general trade+ overseas direct mail combined import.The first Taobao live broadcast cross-border bonded live broadcast base will meet the diverse consumer needs of the Chinese people relying on Haiku's cross-border bonded service capabilities and live broadcast service capabilities,combined with Taobao Live's large-scale sales capability and global purchase of cross-border commodity operations,and ultimately achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

Taobao's first cross-border bonded live broadcast base will integrate bonded warehouses,platforms,business anchors and other resources to provide live broadcast,training,marketing,live broadcasting and other live broadcast services for global brand merchants based on global good goods and live broadcast base services.The support of the government is also conducive to the active development of cross-border live broadcast business,combined with the idea of"new games,new opportunities and new breakthroughs"to jointly promote the expansion of cross-border bonded business influence.

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