Hangzhou releases three-year multiplication action for cross-border e-commerce industry
2021-11-12 09:18

Hangzhou Cross-border E-commerce Comprehensive trial Office issued a three-year doubling action of Hangzhou cross-border e-commerce industry in 2021.In the next three years,Hangzhou Cross-border E-commerce Comprehensive Test Zone will accelerate the digital transformation,brand upgrading and supply chain coordination of cross-border e-commerce,and promote the doubling of cross-border e-commerce strength,quantity and service.

Hangzhou strives to achieve cross-border e-commerce brands,big sellers,cross-border e-commerce export network stores,cross-border e-commerce training and double the number of cross-border e-commerce service providers by the end of 2023;cultivate more than 7 characteristic parks of cross-border e-commerce,further highlight the advantage of"park platform+ channel services",further enhance the overall strength of cross-border e-commerce in Hangzhou,and initially take shape of a first-class cross-border e-commerce demonstration center in the world.

In terms of doubling strength,Hangzhou Cross-border E-commerce Comprehensive Test Zone will accurately support cross-border e-commerce sellers according to its scale and development prospects.a package of policy measures such as listing guidance,high-tech identification training,high-level talent identification and brand empowerment will be provided for the growth of cross-border e-commerce sellers,so as to enhance the development strength of cross-border e-commerce in an all-round way.

Hangzhou strives to(1)have more than 200 big sellers worth more than 10 million US dollars by 2023; (2)to enter the listing guidance period for more than 10 enterprises by the end of 2023; (3)to promote the integration of cross-border e-commerce with new manufacturing,cultural creativity and industrial design,and to cultivate 10 new digital factory sellers; (4)to cultivate more than 100 new cross-border e-commerce brands every year and more than 300 cross-border e-commerce brands in three years.

In terms of quantity doubling,Hangzhou Comprehensive Test Zone will deepen the docking activities of cross-border e-commerce industrial belts,hold industrial resources docking meetings in the Yangtze River Delta,attract cross-border e-commerce enterprises,increase the cultivation of cross-border e-commerce talents,promote cross-border e-commerce entrepreneurship and innovation,and provide all-round support for sellers'growth,such as supply chain,talent incubation and service resources,and build a cross-border e-commerce industry center in the Yangtze River Delta region.

Hangzhou will promote the opening of more than 8000 new cross-border e-commerce retail export online stores every year,promote more than 30 new cross-border e-commerce retail export online stores in three years;hold more than 30 cross-border e-commerce resource docking activities in the Yangtze River Delta every year,more than 100 in three years;attract more than 600 new cross-border e-commerce enterprises every year,more than 1800 cross-border e-commerce enterprises in three years;train 35000 people of various kinds of cross-border e-commerce talents every year,and train more than 100000 cross-border e-commerce talents in three years.

In terms of service multiplication,Hangzhou Comprehensive Test Zone will innovate cross-border e-commerce facilitation regulation,logistics and the last kilometer of overseas services;build a cross-border e-commerce whole industry chain service platform;construct an ecological closed loop for cross-border e-commerce credit evaluation,application and management;adjust and optimize a number of cross-border e-commerce industrial parks,focusing on cultivating more than 7 characteristic parks with high industrial agglomeration,development scale and perfect service ecology;and promote the cross-border e-commerce industry to double and enhance Hangzhou's cross-border e-commerce competitiveness through the upgrading of cross-border e-commerce full-chain services.

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