Digital comprehensive insurance platform enables foreign trade enterprises to reduce costs and increase efficiency
2022-11-03 17:52

Digital comprehensive insurance platform builds digital scenarios such as digital intelligent customs clearance,electronic fencing,and intelligent supervision,solving the problems of high time and cost of customs clearance,difficult business expansion,and information asymmetry.Since its inception,there are 147 registered enterprises and 11 million cross-border import and export services,saving enterprises more than RMB 15 million in costs.

"Digital Intelligent customs clearance"ensures efficient and safe entry and exit of goods

The platform integrates business systems such as a single window and a customs smart entry and exit for international trade to realize online customs declaration and application for electronic customs clearances.Employees of enterprises in the Hangzhou Integrated Free Trade Zone can apply on the digital comprehensive insurance platform,and a QR code will be automatically generated and pushed to the freight driver after the background verification is passed.As a result,the time for each batch of goods is reduced from 1 day to 1 h.

Simultaneously,the platform is equipped with a functional module of"city cargo stop",which enables the Xiaoshan Airport cargo management system to share cargo air processing authority with the airport to realize the seamless docking of data between the"city cargo stop"and the airport cargo stop and the interconnection of logistics services.For example,through the function of"pre-check-in"at the application end,enterprises can enter data such as cargo weight,type,and ordering information in advance to realize the"quick to go"of goods and avoid high costs incurred by being stuck at the airport for a long time.

Up to now,it has provided 76 batches of goods transit services with a value of about RMB 210 million,saving enterprises over RMB 1 million in costs.

"Electronic fence"replaces physical barriers

Originally,for domestic sales,enterprises in the Integrated Free Trade Zone need to complete the carry-over of bonded goods to non-bonded goods.Enterprises can delineate non-bonded areas in the same warehouse,and automatically generate electronic fences.Domestic goods only need to be moved into non-bonded areas by virtual cards in the enterprise warehouse,which can realize offline physical bonded to non-bonded domestic sales,without the actual entry and exit of vehicles,effectively reducing costs.

Cross-Trade Online promotes cross-border e-commerce upgrading

Cross-border import full chain service application links the platform data of warehousing enterprises in the area and keeps abreast of the category,the value,the inventory quantity,and the whole chain circulation records of the cross-border goods in real-time so that the source can be traced,the destination can be traced,and the responsibility can be blamed.

Cross-border export information sharing application covers 400,000 m3of overseas warehouse resources of enterprises in 15 countries,including Europe,America,and Southeast Asia,and encourages overseas warehouse enterprises to connect with export enterprises and e-commerce platforms.It combines cross-border logistics,international warehousing,and supply chain circulation services,and has helped enterprises to connect resources more than 50 times.

Meanwhile,the platform runs through cross-border e-commerce platforms such as Tmall International,develops a new model of bonded import and retail processing,and targets the information of overseas online sales of explosive products as well as enterprise product pipelines,annual reports,and capital increase developments.It can build a data analysis and forecasting model to locate potential investment attraction targets and carry out precise attraction.

As of July 2022,the total volume of cross-border e-commerce imports and exports in the Integrated Free Trade Zone was US$1.355 billion,of which exports were US$746 million.

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