Florasis: drive export with technical strength
2022-11-02 13:59

Florasis announced that it would build the Global Innovation R&D and Industry Center at the Hangzhou Conference on High-Quality Development of Modern Service Industry.

According to reports,the Global Innovation R&D and Industry Center has a total investment of 1 billion RMB,with a land of about 40 mu(a Chinese unit of area,equal to 1/15 of a hectare or 1/6 an acre) and is settled in Dachuang Town,Qiantang District,Hangzhou.It plans to build a headquarters base that integrates product development and brand operation,including a product R&D laboratory,product new intelligence base,brand operation and supply chain management center,visual design base,conference service center,training center,new media incubator office,cultural communication center,brand exhibition hall and brand experience store,etc.

Founded in 2017,Zhejiang Centenary Yige Industrial Development Co.,Ltd.founded the brand Florasis with the concept of Oriental Makeup with Flowers,which is committed to building a national treasure Oriental beauty brand.

Florasis,a DTC brand born in March 2017 with the concept of Oriental Makeup with Flowers,has received overseas attention before officially laying out overseas markets.

Florasis launched a custom gift box with the seal of the West Lake in 2019,which selected five views inspired by the Ten Scenes of the West Lake and restored the representative elements of the scenery to popular products.After the series was launched,it was moved to Twitter by Japanese users,which triggered a discussion among Japanese users about Chinese makeup,and the topic once accounted for No.7 on Japan's Twitter hot search list.

Jeffree Star,a top American beauty blogger with over 10 million fans on Youtube and famous for her poisonous tongue,shouted the most beautiful beauty in the world in her first video in 2022,pulling the traffic of Florasis's overseas official website to the level of Black Friday.

Florasis implements an all-around indigenization strategy for the DTC brand to export,which enables Florasis to draw closer to users in each market and gradually establish brand awareness.

So far,Florasis has opened many mainstream overseas social media accounts,its official TikTok has exceeded 700,000 fans and its Instagram has exceeded 300,000 fans.

Florasis also focuses on telling the moving Chinese traditional stories and Chinese cultural connotations behind the brand and products.In a video introducing the eyebrow pencil products,Florasis interprets the ancient story of Ju An Qi Mei(literal meaning:to hold the tray up to one's brows,extended meaning:Husband and wife respect and love each other.)through Chinese style animation.Florasis tells fans the love story of Cowherd and Weaver below the lipstick pattern printed with the sculpture of meeting on the Milky Way.

Up to now,a high-end beauty instrument R&D center and a biology(living coconut)skincare laboratory have been set up jointly with research institutions and university laboratories.Florasis will build a product matrix of Oriental makeup products,Oriental makeup tools,biology skin products,high-end beauty instruments,and intelligent hardware,and create a global innovation R&D and industry center of Florasis,committed to becoming the top Oriental beauty brand in the world.

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