Optimizing the Mechanism of Introduction, Cultivation, Retention and Employment to Become a Talent Incubator for High-quality Cross-border E-commerce
2022-10-18 17:12

Having established a cross-border e-commerce academy,carried out relevant social training,held various entrepreneurship and innovation competitions,cooperated efficiently to integrate industry and teaching,replaced training with competitions,and applied knowledge,since its establishment seven years ago,Hangzhou Comprehensive Pilot Zone has become an incubator for high-quality cross-border e-commerce talents by optimizing the introduction,cultivation,retention and employment mechanism.

Nurturing the cradle of colleges and universities for cross-border e-commerce dreams

With the"cross-border e-commerce dream",students from more than 10 countries and regions and more than 30 majors came to China(Hangzhou)Cross-border E-commerce College.It is the first cross-border e-commerce school in China,co-founded by Zhejiang Gongshang University,Hangzhou Comprehensive Pilot Office,and Hangzhou Qiantang New Area Management Committee.Since the first school in 2020,it has more than 70 tutors and 216 Chinese and foreign students,providing a"6+X"multi-disciplinary cross-integration system.Focusing on the five characteristics of courses,teachers,international,practice,and innovation,it cultivates elite talents in cross-border e-commerce.In 2022,it will recruit 70 Chinese and foreign students from universities in Zhejiang Province and overseas universities,and implement a one-year cross-border e-commerce micro-major training model.

The college is the result of the Hangzhou Comprehensive Pilot Zone promoting the integration of industry and education in cross-border e-commerce.At present,there are 20 colleges and universities in Hangzhou offering cross-border e-commerce majors or courses.Four institutions including Zhejiang Gongshang University,Zhejiang International Studies University,Hangzhou Normal University,and Zhejiang Financial College have established cross-border e-commerce colleges,relying on well-known platforms to promote Amazon The"101 Era Youth Talent Program"and eBay's"E Youth"program help cross-border e-commerce companies cultivate"compound talents"and"digital talents".

Covering multiple levels of social training

After the transition from college to society,more cross-border e-commerce professionals look forward to professional business training.

As an important supplement to the cross-border e-commerce talent training system,Hangzhou Zone has identified two batches of 15 cross-border e-commerce social talent training bases,which can largely fill the gap in business incubation,platform operations,logistics services,overseas Marketing,DTC brand overseas training.

It continues to carry out multi-level and multi-gradient cross-border e-commerce talent cultivation projects,such as cross-border e-commerce elites and entrepreneurial talent cultivation projects.In 2021,Hangzhou has cultivated a total of 86,300 cross-border e-commerce talents.

Attracting global talent with innovative competitions

In recent years,Hangzhou Comprehensive Pilot Zone has continuously strengthened talent attraction by hosting and undertaking large-scale cross-border e-commerce events.The hatched teams have become excellent talents for cross-border e-commerce enterprises in Hangzhou and intellectual resources for product design and brand overseas.

The Alibaba GDT Global Business Challenge is an example of this.Based on the real needs of enterprises to go overseas,it leverages the local brand building power of overseas students and the advantages of overseas market insight through the government’s platform and the linkage of young entrepreneurs.In 2021,the event covers 12 countries,received 1,067 team registrations,and produced more than 100 excellent brand overseas plans,successfully assisting many Hangzhou overseas enterprises to take the"first step"in DTC brand building.

Hangzhou Comprehensive Pilot Zone is even more innovative in terms of competitions in this year.In cooperation with the Ministry of Education's E-commerce Education and Guidance Committee,for the first time,a cross-border e-commerce actual combat track has been added to the National College Student E-commerce"Innovation,Creativity and Entrepreneurship"Challenge in the National College A-Class Competition. ,the competition was launched in 31 provinces and cities,a total of 836 colleges and universities participated,and 9,727 teams participated.

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