Hangzhou: Continually Optimize the Business Environment and Promote the High-quality Development of Cross-border E-commerce
2022-09-21 18:11

China's State Council approved the establishment of Cross-border E-commerce Comprehensive Pilot Zone(Hangzhou) (hereinafter referred to as Hangzhou Pilot Zone)in March 2015.

Since then,the Hangzhou Pilot Zone has focused on piloting technical standards,business processes,supervision models and informatization construction in many aspects such as cross-border e-commerce transactions,payment,logistics,customs clearance,tax refund,and foreign exchange settlement.Through institutional innovation,management innovation,service innovation and coordinated development,it builds a complete industrial chain and ecological chain of cross-border e-commerce,and gradually forms a set of management systems and rules that adapt to and lead the development of global cross-border e-commerce,and realize cross-border e-commerce.Business liberalization,facilitation,and standardization of development.

As the fastest-growing new format and new model of foreign trade in recent years,cross-border e-commerce has ushered in a golden age of development,and the business environment is crucial to high-quality development of cross-border e-commerce.

Hangzhou,with another 5 cities,was identified as the first batch of pilot areas for business environment innovation in China by the State CouncilIn in September 2021.Based on the first-mover advantage of the digital economy,it takes the lead in setting up a data resource management bureau,in building a"mobile service city"in China.It continues to promote data sharing and integration,and promotes the transformation of ordinary people and enterprises from"running the road"to"hands-on Internet access".change.

As the country's first cross-border e-commerce Pilot Zone,the commercial registration"Access,Approval,and Operation One Netcom"platform has also been established...These"inward breakthrough"reform measures have built the"cornerstone"of Hangzhou.

To implement the"Opinions of the State Council on Carrying out the Pilot Work of Business Environment Innovation"and carry out the first batch of national business environment innovation pilots at a high level,combined with the actual situation in Hangzhou,the"Hangzhou National Business Environment Innovation Pilot Implementation Plan"was announced on 2022.February 11.In order to continuously improve the level of cross-border trade facilitation,the plan has introduced 15 reform items,mainly including further improving the efficiency of import and export customs clearance,gradually expanding the scope of application of"two-step declaration"and improving the fault tolerance mechanism;formulating cross-border scientific research materials in Hangzhou List to simplify import and export procedures for R&D equipment and samples.It unblocks domestic and international dual circulation channels,explores new models of cross-border e-commerce such as"online ordering,offline display,fixed-point distribution", "digital customs clearance",etc.;opens up the enterprise supply chain system platform and the"single window"declaration platform for automatic customs declaration channel;digital,intelligent,and refined export tax rebate services are implemented;it strives to build a global cross-border e-commerce return center warehouse to solve the problem of cross-border bonded goods return and exchange beyond the legal deadline.

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