A report meeting on Alibaba GDT Global Business Challenge and the incubation stage of emerging brands was held
2021-11-23 09:25

In response to theOpinions on Accelerating the Development of New Types and Models of Foreign Tradeissued by the General Office of the State Council,China(Hangzhou)Cross-Border E-Commerce Comprehensive Experimental Zone,Alibaba Group and Alibaba Global Digital Talent Alliance actively explored the innovative model of"internationalized talents and Chinese manufacturing enterprises to create a sea DTC brand"and jointly organized the 2021 Alibaba GDT Global Business Challenge.

This competition takes the real business needs of brand overseas enterprises as the entry items,and the international team from overseas provides market analysis,user insight,brand positioning and digital marketing solutions for overseas countries based on the product information provided by the enterprise.After active promotion and training,1067 teams have signed up in the brand sea track,and more than 100 excellent brands have stood out,among which many excellent international teams have emerged and began to dock with enterprises.

In order to transform the results of the landing competition and practice the concept of"international talents and Chinese manufacturing enterprises to create overseas brands",Zhejiang Samsung Down and MTC Global,an entrepreneur from Canada,jointly founded the offshore home lifestyle brand REST.MTC Global provides international management team and overseas service ecology,while Zhejiang Samsung Down provides product innovation and manufacturing,aiming to build an iron triangle brand business model of"international management team+ Chinese supply chain+ localized overseas service ecology".

At the meeting,Zhou Yong,secretary general of Alibaba Global Digital Talent Alliance and MTC Global Zhou Yong,introduced the brand building process of REST brand to the audience,and stressed that"market insight,user portrait,brand positioning"are the cornerstones of independent station brand construction.At the same time,he also called on the vast number of overseas enterprises to give full play to international talents and overseas ecological resources to realize product localization,brand internationalization and operation localization.

Andy Nguyen,co-founder of the REST brand,introduced how to manage more than a dozen overseas ecological service providers to achieve cross-border and cross-time zone collaboration through small domestic teams,so as to break through the limitations of talent and ecological resources in China.In addition,he stressed that he hopes to benefit more Hangzhou overseas enterprises from the precipitated overseas ecological service system.

At this meeting,Alibaba GDT Entrepreneurship Plan"must be me"startup gold award ceremony was also held.In order to encourage and support excellent entrepreneurial teams,Alibaba set up a start-up fund of 200000 yuan to attract and encourage more international talents to join the brand sea track.

Of/n,an outdoor fashion technology brand founded by a team of designers from Los Angeles,won the start-up money.Besides,the NAI brand team,which focuses on the European and American plant milk machine market,composed of entrepreneurs from the Netherlands and the United States,won the honor of"excellent overseas team".

The 2021 Alibaba GDT Global Business Challenge is in the docking stage between the participating team and the enterprise of the national competition.in the global final held in December,the participating team will take the project of Hangzhou overseas enterprises to enter the global competition for the ultimate prize.

China(Hangzhou)Cross-border E-commerce Comprehensive Experimental Zone hopes to take this competition as a starting point to further promote brand overseas talent training and policy support,promote enterprises to land various international talent recruitment and cooperation mechanisms,and speed up model innovation.serve enterprise brands out to sea.

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