Innovation of brand operation mode of cross-border e-commerce
2021-11-19 14:02

In order to adapt to the current trend of online transfer of global trade acceleration,and seize the opportunities of the substantial increase in overseas e-commerce penetration and the rapid growth of e-commerce in emerging markets,Hangzhou Cross-border E-commerce Comprehensive Test Zone accelerates subject cultivation,operation mode innovation and service ecological optimization by carrying out"Young Eagle"action,actively creates a favorable market environment and policy environment,continues to improve its brand recognition,construction,communication and support system,and promotes the transformation and upgrading of foreign trade and the reshaping of the value chain of the industrial chain with cross-border e-commerce brands,and strives to build a world-class cross-border e-commerce demonstration center.

01 Expand cross-border e-commerce brand communication channels.

Support domestic trade brand enterprises,traditional foreign trade enterprises,manufacturing and e-commerce enterprises to carry out cross-border e-commerce business through cross-border e-commerce platforms such as Amazon,eBay,Global Express,Alibaba International Station,and encourage cross-border e-commerce platforms to provide key support to brand enterprises,such as internal and external drainage and advertising exposure;Support the development of large vertical category independent stations;Encourage qualified cross-border e-commerce enterprises to build independent stations,fully mine customer consumption data,implement accurate marketing and personalized production,better cultivate independent brands,and effectively reduce the risk of centralized dependence on third-party platforms.

02 Innovate cross-border e-commerce brand marketing methods.

Encourage cross-border e-commerce companies to use world-renowned marketing agencies and marketing tools to increase advertising and carry out digital marketing using search engines,emails,videos and other methods.Vigorously develop the"social+ e-commerce"business model,strengthen the function of social media as a virtual e-commerce marketing scenario,promote cooperation between cross-border e-commerce and social media,search engines,and digital content platforms,improve supporting policies and measures that focus on social,experience,and interaction,and accelerate the transition from a traffic economy to a trust economy.

03 Build an overseas localized service system.

Support brand companies to set up cross-border e-commerce overseas cooperation parks,overseas cooperation sites,overseas warehouses, emerging markets such as countries along the“Belt and Road Initiative”,important node cities,Africa,and Latin America,improve the digital level of overseas warehouses,guide companies to improve after-sales service capabilities such as repairs,returns and exchanges,and optimize the brand experience of overseas consumers.Support the cultivation and construction of overseas brand operation service centers,strengthen the docking with overseas e-commerce resources,and improve the overseas localized service system.

04 Improve the level of refined brand management.

Promote enterprises to optimize the layout of cross-border supply chains,and provide support for improving the efficiency of marketing,warehousing,and after-sales links.Guide cross-border e-commerce brand enterprises to develop on-demand production,personalized customization,flexible production and user direct manufacturing based on user needs,and cultivate a number of data-driven market analysis,platform operations,R&D and production,raw material procurement,warehousing and transportation,order processing and terminal retail to quickly coordinate new benchmarks.Encourage the use of digital management methods to improve management efficiency,achieve efficient matching of cross-border e-commerce commodity flow,capital flow,and information flow,and improve the level of cross-border e-commerce brand value chain.

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