This University's Cross-border E-commerce Talent Training is Characterized by Non-English Foreign Language Cross-border Live Streaming!
2023-12-01 19:43

The development of reform and opening up has stirred up a vigorous wave,and cross-border e-commerce has become a hot topic nowadays.Cross-border elites seize the moment,create imagination,generate the power of infinite possibilities under the intersection of different time and space,and measure the footsteps of the times with the speed of cross-border e-commerce.

The development and survival of a nation lies in the cultivation of talents,and only when there are successive generations of talents can the nation prosper.Colleges and universities are the main force of talent cultivation,and the cradle of the future generations of elites.

As a local undergraduate college,Zhejiang College of Foreign Languages offers more than 15 non-English foreign language majors and business majors such as cross-border e-commerce,and actively carries out the cultivation of application-oriented talents with the orientation of serving the demand for talents in the reform and opening-up province of Zhejiang.

01Cultivation Model

I.Four-year undergraduate cultivation mode:It is one of the first undergraduate colleges in China to offer cross-border e-commerce majors,and successfully applied for cross-border e-commerce majors in 2019;

II.Two-year talent cultivation mode(top-up);

III.One-year talent cultivation mode:The"3+1"experimental class of cross-border E-commerce Entrepreneurship College is open to all grade 3 students in the school,and the students who have been selected and interviewed enter the entrepreneurship College to study intensively for one year;

IV.Entrepreneurship education modules for all students.

02Application-oriented Talent Cultivation

Zhejiang College of Foreign Languages takes the initiative to dock with the government authorities,make full use of government resources,and introduce globally renowned e-commerce platforms and enterprises into colleges and universities.With the support of China(Hangzhou)Cross-border E-commerce Comprehensive Experimental Zone:

In 2016,the first"Alibaba Xin Campus"was opened in the Entrepreneurship College of Zhejiang Foreign Language College.

In 2017, "Wish Star Young Talent Training Program"settled in Zhejiang College of Foreign Languages.

In 2018,Amazon 101.Era Youth Talent Program set sail in Zhejiang College of Foreign Languages.

In 2020,we cooperated with Rakuten,the No.1 cross-border e-commerce platform in Japan,to develop cross-border talents.

In 2021, "Google Teacher Training Camp"was organized in cooperation with Google.

Well Established Campus Laboratory

There are eight laboratories related to cross-border e-commerce talent cultivation,including"e-commerce integrated laboratory,innovation and entrepreneurship laboratory,e-commerce research center,mathematics and finance laboratory",which meet the needs of the on-campus environment for the cultivation of applied talents.

Well-equipped Off-campus Bases

In 2019,it was selected as"the third batch of demonstration bases for integration of production and education in ordinary colleges and universities in Zhejiang Province".In 2022,it was awarded as"Provincial 14th Five-Year Plan Cross-border E-commerce Experimental Demonstration Base"and"Provincial 14th Five-Year Plan Cross-border E-commerce Education Off-campus Practice Base".In 2023,it was approved as the"Ministry of Education's Virtual Teaching and Research Office for Cross-border E-commerce".

03 Internationalization of Talent Cultivation

Zhejiang College of Foreign Languages attaches importance to and actively carries out foreign exchanges and cooperation,and has now established cooperative relations with more than 120 universities and institutions in more than 40 countries,with international cooperation programs covering 13 language majors of the school.On average,it sends out more than 450 students and receives more than 200 international students from China every year,and has opened the"2+2"cross-border e-commerce class for international students from Latin America.

04Non-English Foreign Language Cross-border Live Streaming

Every summer,Zhejiang College of Foreign Languages organizes social practice teams and competition teams to go to different counties in Zhejiang,Sichuan and other provinces to carry out cross-border e-commerce daily operation and marketing services for local enterprises,totaling more than 300 live service broadcasts in the summer each year.These practices have helped rural revitalization and enterprise digitalization to go overseas with good results,and have been reported by media such as Learning Power and China Education Online.

05Effective Talent Cultivation& National Conference and Teacher Training

In 2020,it hosted the first national forum on cross-border e-commerce professional construction and talent cultivation.

In 2021,it hosted the first Sino-foreign humanities exchange and national cross-border e-commerce teacher training course.

In 2022,it co-hosted the first national forum on cross-border e-commerce education and development.

Achievements of Courses and Teaching Materials

Zhejiang College of Foreign Languages'Cross-border Logistics and Supply chain Management and other five courses of e-commerce courses were rated as provincial first-class courses;Eight cross-border e-commerce projects were approved as industry-university-research cooperation projects by the Ministry of Education;One national 14th Five-Year Plan textbook,two provincial new form teaching textbooks and three other cross-border e-commerce core course textbooks were published.From 2022 to 2023,eight textbooks will be published by Tsinghua University Press.

Competition Awards

Various awards in the 12th and 13th National College Students'E-commerce"Innovation,Creativity and Entrepreneurship"Challenge Competition.

The fifth and sixth National Cross-border E-commerce professional competence Competition organized second and silver awards,and a number of single events from one to three awards;

Social Recognition

In 2016,it was awarded the"Talent Cultivation Award"for cross-border e-commerce in the first"Tide of Qiantang-Global Cross-border E-commerce Summit";

In 2021,it was awarded a special prize of 1 million dollars for cultivating cross-border e-commerce talents;

In 2022,it was awarded the Outstanding Contribution Award for Talent Cultivation in Cross-border E-commerce.

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This University's Cross-border E-commerce Talent Training is Characterized by Non-English Foreign Language Cross-border Live Streaming!
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