Hangzhou’s Seven Excellent Cases to Empower High-Quality Cross-Border E-Commerce Development
2023-10-28 00:25

As the first approved cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zone in China,Hangzhou Comprehensive Pilot Zone has successfully replicated and promoted the“Hangzhou Experience”of cross-border e-commerce,which is centered around the“six systems and two platforms”,to other comprehensive pilot zones across the country.Over the past eight years,Hangzhou Comprehensive Pilot Zone has combined local conditions and carried out innovations in systems,management,and services,resulting in a number of successful experiences and practices.Seven of these cases have been selected as“excellent practice cases of new forms of foreign trade”,covering multiple dimensions of comprehensive pilot zone construction,including facilitation of supervision,brand cultivation,financial services,talent development,integrity system construction,protection of enterprise rights and interests,logistics,and other supporting services.These cases fully demonstrate the vivid practice of the“Hangzhou Experience”.

Multiple regulatory facilitation measures provide freedom to enter and exit the customs smoothly

The multiple regulatory facilitation measures introduced by the Hangzhou Comprehensive Pilot Zone fully address the difficulties and pain points of cross-border e-commerce enterprises.

In response to the strong demand and high risks associated with imported express delivery,mail,and overseas shopping brought into the country,the Hangzhou Comprehensive Pilot Zone has launched the“digital customs clearance”regulatory model.In the Hangzhou Comprehensive Pilot Zone's cross-border e-commerce industrial park at the airport,big data and internet technology are utilized to achieve integrated connection and full-process supervision of international transactions,payments,logistics,and customs supervision.The“Digital Customs Clearance for Personal Items Imported through Postal Channels”co-built by Hangzhou Comprehensive Pilot Zone and eWTP has become the first digital customs clearance project in Zhejiang Province.It promotes positive interaction and improves customs clearance efficiency.The“Integrated Supervision Facility”efficiently integrates venue,manpower,and regulatory resources through system optimization,process remodeling,venue function division,as well as the combination of physical and electronic enclosures.It breaks through the restrictions on conducting 9610 business and postal express business within the bonded logistics center enclosure,greatly optimizing the allocation of regulatory resources and customs clearance procedures for small packages.

Regarding the problem of“difficult returns”in cross-border e-commerce,the Hangzhou Comprehensive Pilot Zone in the Xiaoshan District has utilized the special supervision area platform of the Hangzhou Comprehensive Bonded Zone toinnovate and create a“global central warehouse”.This warehouse adopts a“one-stop”warehousing model to integrate global trade channels,helping cross-border e-commerce companies save more than 30%in costs and achieve global merchandise“inbound”, “outbound”,and“return”.Currently,in terms of import business,cross-border retail and bonded goods can be converted interchangeably.In terms of export business,goods under the 9610 mode and 1210 mode can be shipped in the same package.On the other hand,it solves the inconvenience of ordinary goods entering the comprehensive bonded zone,enabling centralized warehousing and mobilization of ordinary goods with other goods,significantly reducing management and capital costs.

Building a cross-border e-commerce ecosystem to“reduce costs and increase efficiency”for businesses

In terms of ecological construction in excellent practice cases in the field of foreign trade new formats,Hangzhou is well-known in every aspect,fully demonstrating the charm and style of a hub for cross-border e-commerce service resources.

Hangzhou Comprehensive Pilot Zone has innovated a new model of“going global for Chinese brands”in cross-border e-commerce.For example,in collaboration with Alibaba’s global platform AliExpress,they launched the“Going Global for Chinese Brands”program and implemented the“E Embracing the World,Hangzhou Brands Going Global”special action.This has led to the global influence of a group of Chinese brands such as Zhang Xiaoquan and Huaxizi.While greatly enhancing brand value,it has also broken the geographical,temporal,and resource boundaries for talent development in Chinese companies.

Building a diverse payment ecosystem to establish a leading position in cross-border payments.We aim to attract top domestic cross-border payment institutions such as PingPong,Wanlihui,Coral Cross-Border,and Lianlian Digital,obtain global payment licenses,expand payment financing scenarios,and facilitate convenient overseas expansion for Hangzhou’s cross-border e-commerce enterprises.

Promoting collaboration between government,enterprises,universities,and society to create the world’s best cross-border e-commerce talent ecosystem.Hangzhou considers talent development as a core element of cross-border e-commerce development.Through collaboration between government,enterprises,schools,and society,we actively optimize mechanisms for talent recruitment,cultivation,retention,and utilization.This has led to leading cross-border e-commerce programs in universities nationwide and outstanding talent aggregation through high-quality events.Additionally,we empower cross-border e-commerce enterprises to grow and strengthen through social training programs.

We have pioneered a cross-border e-commerce integrity system,facilitating cross-border e-commerce transactions.In response to the challenges of trust in cross-border trade caused by space and distance,the Hangzhou Comprehensive Pilot Zone has created a vertical cross-border e-commerce credit supervision framework,establishing cross-border e-commerce integrity evaluation indicators and recommending their implementation.Based on this,credit guarantees are provided for financial products,including“Hangxin Loan”.

Hangzhou is establishing a global cross-border e-commerce knowledge service center to create a hub of knowledge services. Leveraging the high concentration of knowledge in the local cross-border e-commerce industry,Hangzhou is focusing on building a global cross-border e-commerce knowledge service center,organizing various industry events such as industry competitions,salon exchanges,closed-door discussions,and training courses.Through these activities,we aim to select around 60 high-quality service providers to create a case manual and continuously share the experience of Hangzhou.

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