Supply Chain Rubik Cube in Xiaoshan of Hangzhou Free Trade Zone Steps up Customs Clearance Efficiency to Boost Cross-Border E-Commerce
2022-11-16 18:07

Scenarios have been common in the Xiaoshan Block,Hangzhou Area of China(Zhejiang)Pilot Free Trade Zone since the launch of the“One-stop Clearance”, “One-click Booking”, “Remote Clearance”... “Supply Chain Rubik Cube”For Hangzhou Saimeng Import/Export Co., Xiaoshan District,the waiting time from ordering to inquiry and then to confirming the shipping space can be reduced from 60 hours to 2 hours by using the"supply chain magic cube",a digital trade service platform.It greatly alleviates the problem of difficulty to book shipping spaces.

Xiaoshan District,Hangzhou Area,China(Zhejiang)Pilot Free Trade Zone,is the main field of foreign trade development in the Xiaoshan Block.Foreign trade activities,mainly cross-border e-commerce,are very active.Based on the digital reform,Xiaoshan Block follows two directions:free trade and digital,creating a digital trade application scenario-Supply Chain Rubik Cube.It provides many conveniences for cross-border trade enterprises.

The Supply Chain Rubik Cube realizes the linkage with departments or units such as business,taxation,foreign exchange management,customs,etc.,as well as the integration of resources upstream and downstream of the foreign trade industry chain.Two high-frequency,cross-level,and cross-enterprise applications,i.e.,one-stop clearance and one-click booking,are designed based on the Supply Chain Rubik Cube and focus on customs clearance and ordering scenarios,in response to the difficulties faced by the supply chain.It has been widely used by enterprises at present.

one-stop clearance,which provides full-link digital trade services.The one-stop clearance is made up of enterprises submitting orders,waybills,and payment orders,and realizing the comparison between the three orders and customs inspection data by using intelligent algorithms to advance the inspection and inspection of import and export goods,which reduces the inspection rate and assists in cargo clearance.It shortens the time for cargo clearance and reduces the workload of cargo inspection for the customs. “One-stop Clearance-Settlement(and of exchange) -Tax Refund Service”is provided to enterprises through an application window after customs clearance.It greatly reduces the operation difficulty of enterprises and improves the efficiency of customs clearance.

One-click booking provides a full path freight support service.For the issue of international logistics booking,the one-click booking scenario application is integrated into the Supply Chain Rubik Cube.The scenario of one-click booking is innovative in the data stream-driven model.It accesses the logistics order data of enterprises and assists them in the whole process of booking,packing,customs clearance,loading,and shipping in the fastest time by sharing with enterprises,ship companies,container companies,ports,truck fleets,and customs data.

In the next step,Xiaoshan Block will focus on the overall construction of the Hangzhou Digital Free Trade Zone,with digital reform as the traction to improve the environment for cross-border e-commerce development,broaden the development space of digital service trade,and promote a high level of opening up.

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