Digital Empowers Trade-Cross-Border E-Commerce in Qiantang Block, China (Zhejiang) Pilot Free Trade Zone, Highlights Full-link Innovation
2022-11-15 18:18

On September 24,2020,the Hangzhou Area of China(Zhejiang)Pilot Free Trade Zone was constructed,where Qiantang Block included is listed.Driven by digital reform over the past two years,the Qiantang Block has continuously promoted institutional integrated innovation,focusing on areas such as cross-border e-commerce,and promoting high-quality free trade advance demonstration zones.

The Qiantang Block boasts the advantages of overlay of open platforms such as a Pilot Free Trade Zone,cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zone,and comprehensive bonded area.It focuses on cost reduction&efficiency and trade facilitation,with trying,innovation,and autonomy reform around the full link of cross-border e-commerce.Several pilot reform achievements have emerged in the past two years.

The Qiantang Block launched a global central warehouse model with multi-warehouse integration.As of today,the pilot reform has participated in the selection of a new number of pilot experiences in the replication and promotion reform of the national Pilot Free Trade Zone.

Qiantang Block,in conjunction with Qianjiang Customs,explores the first overdue return pilot business in China.The supervision capability of imported and returned commodities in Hangzhou Comprehensive Bonded Zone will be increased from the current 50,000 to 300,000 pieces per month by"supply chain and unique QR code".

In terms of improving the global layout of overseas warehouses,the Qiantang Block has initially built a basic framework for global network operation covering 15 countries in Europe,America and Southeast Asia.The total storage area is about 400,000 m2.

In response to the cross-border e-commerce package export,which brought a large number of returns due to"poor customs clearance"and"improper logistics and shipping"in the destination country,the Qianjiang customs office in Xiasha joined the Qiantang Block.A return and exchange center warehouse will be set up in Hangzhou Comprehensive Bonded Zone to open up return and exchange data matching,tally inspection,return application,end delivery and secondary sales links.It enables cross-border e-commerce retail to export and return goods successfully,which solves the pain points for sellers.

Qiantang Block,with the support of Qianjiang Customs and in collaboration with Tmall International Platform,explores the new model of"bonded import+ retail processing".Till now,it has promoted the implementation of high-quality foreign-funded projects such as Tasogare Coffee of Japan and cubilose of Malaysia.It is expected to bring about an increase of RMB 200 million in cross-border retail imports.

In addition,new progress has been made in the eWTP commercial pilot project promoted by the Qiantang Block;In May this year,eWTP(World Trade Platform)and the CONAGO of Mexico signed a cooperation agreement in Mexico City.The two sides will replicate the pilot experience of the digital project and the excellent results of eWTP in other countries to more Mexican states under the framework of eWTP cooperation.

As one of the main forces of cross-border e-commerce in Hangzhou,as of July this year,the total volume of cross-border e-commerce imports and exports in Hangzhou Comprehensive Bonded Zone reached US$1.355 billion,including exports of US$746 million.

The Qiantang Block of the Pilot Free Trade Zone will continue to promote the build of a digital trade innovation demonstration zone,regional linkage development advance zone,advanced manufacturing industry gathering zone,and digital free trade ecological model zone around"test in Qiantang,usage in Hangzhou,serving the whole province,and contributing to the whole country".It will comprehensively build a global free trade development pattern.

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