Incorporate Brand Awareness into the Multi-level Cultivation of Cross-border E-commerce Talents in Hangzhou Comprehensive Pilot Zone
2022-09-19 20:07

As brand going overseas has become an inevitable requirement for the development of cross-border e-commerce,in the new era,brand awareness should be incorporated into the whole process of cultivating its talents.Cross-border e-commerce brand overseas talent training should realize the systematic cooperation of production,learning,scientific research,and practical application,and combine the multi-level cultivation mode of enterprises,universities and governments.

01Enterprise:Establish a brand strategy and feedback precise needs

Cross-border e-commerce enterprises have gradually entered the stage of refined operation.In their overseas trade,it is crucial to establish their brand overseas strategy and lay out talent recruitment,position the talent responsibilities of different positions,and accurately feedback the employment needs to the talent market.

Talents with diverse backgrounds are in need to help internationalize and localize corporate brands,including not only sales market talents with international background and local experience,but also financial,legal and human resources talents with relevant experience to promote them to systematically adapt to the local market in various aspects in systems,policies,regulations,culture,society,economy etc.

Brand-oriented cross-border e-commerce companies usually need three levels of brand talent base,middle-level,and executives:

In the basic stage,functional talents for localized operation(requires mastery of small languages),overseas advertising,overseas brand planning,etc are needed;

In the middle-level stage,brand project manager,national development manager,design and development supervisor and other direction traders are needed;

For the executive level,local talents or talents with direct experience in related industries are valued.Judging from the talent demand visits,the current brand talent training is still in the early stage,there is a serious lack of middle-level reserve cadres and senior management personnel,and more rely on the spontaneous training of enterprises and social competition.

02 Colleges and Universities:Excavate the potential of students and cultivate basic abilities

As the direct supplier and trainer of cross-border e-commerce talents,colleges and universities determine the quality benchmark of the talent market.Brand awareness should start from campus,be incorporated into the corresponding talent training system by strengthening the construction and development of related disciplines,majors and courses.

Taking talent training in the Hangzhou Comprehensive Pilot Zone as an example,there are currently 20 colleges and universities in Hangzhou offering cross-border e-commerce majors or courses.Four colleges,including Zhejiang Gongshang University,Zhejiang International Studies University,Hangzhou Normal University,and Zhejiang Financial College,have established cross-border e-commerce majors.Jing E-Commerce College relies on well-known platforms to promote Amazon's"101 Era Youth Talent Program"and eBay's"E-Youth"program to help cross-border e-commerce"compound talents"and"digital talents"training.

03 Government:encourage social training and gather high-end talents

The State Council newly approved the sixth batch of Cross-border E-commerce Comprehensive Pilot Zones in February 2022,with the number reaching 132.Its construction can effectively promote the cultivation of cross-border localized and branded e-commerce talents. As a Comprehensive Pilot Zone in China,the Hangzhou Comprehensive Pilot Zone is given priority in building the relevant talent system.

In conjunction with cross-border e-commerce platforms,it builds a regional brand training center,carries out brand design,research and development,patent application,international certification,brand promotion,intellectual property protection training to explore a multi-level training model for international talents.

With multi-level and multi-gradient cross-border e-commerce talent cultivation projects,such as cultivating cross-border e-commerce elites and entrepreneurial talents,by identifying two batches of 15 cross-border e-commerce social talent training bases,covering brand overseas,digital brand marketing,branding With multi-dimensional construction of parks and cross-border e-commerce brand operation,it has supplemented the cross-border e-commerce talent gap to a large extent.In addition,the Hangzhou Comprehensive Pilot Zone also strengthens the incentives for the introduction of cross-border e-commerce talents,to accelerate the gathering of international high-end talents,to continuously improve the talent training mechanism and to establish a"talent reservoir"for the development of cross-border e-commerce.

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