"Aerial Silk Road" and Overseas "New Post", "Paving the Way" for Made in Hangzhou Overseas
2022-09-14 18:07

The convenience of online shopping such as"delivery before the order", "delivery on the next day"and"delivery on the same day"is being staged all over the world.With obvious advantages in shortening logistics time and helping cross-border e-commerce sellers to seize opportunities, "Overseas warehouse"and"cargo charter"have gradually become the high-frequency words of Made in Hangzhou"selling the world".

Since the beginning of this year,the Hangzhou area of Zhejiang Pilot Free Trade Zone has actively supported market players to open up international cargo charter routes,vigorously developed cross-border e-commerce overseas warehouses,and improved overseas service networks.

14"Air Silk Roads"in normal operation

Made in Hangzhou"cargo charter"to expand the market

In recent years,cargo charter has gradually become an important support for stabilizing the international supply chain.More and more"Made in Hangzhou"are going abroad from here,promoting the domestic and international dual circulation.

"The cross-border e-commerce packages we export mainly pass through the dedicated freight line from Hangzhou to Madrid,which runs four times a week on a regular basis,and overseas consumers generally receive domestic packages within 7 days."Yao Jie,Chairman of Zhejiang Wuchan Ancheng Technology Co.,Ltd said, "Cross-border e-commerce export customs clearance efficiency is faster,and our delivery punctuality rate will be higher,which will greatly help us improve brand awareness and reliability,and help us better develop overseas.market."

Wuchan Ancheng is a company that provides online transaction,customs clearance,logistics and warehousing services for cross-border e-commerce enterprises.In June,its retail export package by cross-border e-commerce was 250 million yuan,an increase of more than 50%from May.

There are a total of 14 cross-border e-commerce export cargo routes in normal operation at presentat Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport,flying to Spain,Belgium,the Philippines,Malaysia,Singapore,Japan,South Korea and other places.Xiaoshan Airport Customs,a subsidiary of Hangzhou Customs,has established a special class for cross-border e-commerce services.Under the 7*24-hour all-weather clearance guarantee mode,for cross-border e-commerce goods shipped through early morning flights,it will increase customs clearance services and win more for enterprises.The collection time improves the competitive advantage,and the delivery time of parcels sent to some countries can achieve next-day or even same-day delivery.

295 overseas warehouses covering major trading countries

As a Made in Hangzhou"going out"city inn

A batch of outdoor furniture items from a company in Zhejiang exported overseas warehouse(9810)mode through cross-border e-commerce,and successfully cleared customs after completing the formalities at Qianjiang Customs Office in Yuhang a few days ago,including outdoor tents,folding chairs and other household products,valued at more than 400,000 yuan.They are declared at the Qianjiang Customs Office in Yuhang using a national customs clearance integration model,departed from Ningbo port,and exported to Amazon's US warehouse by sea.

The person in charge of the company believes that with the advantages of low logistics cost and high delivery time,the overseas warehouse model will help improve market competitiveness and win more overseas customers.

To promote the development of the 9810 model of cross-border e-commerce,Qianjiang Customs Office,while promoting its business,jointly conducts research with local business departments to understand the development of the industry and existing difficulties,and promote local governments and departments to issue relevant support policies.Designated professionals to connect with enterprises in the jurisdiction,through a combination of online and offline methods,to answer business inquiries about cross-border e-commerce B2B export,overseas warehouse filing,etc.,and actively help enterprises to promote overseas warehouse export business.

The advantage of overseas warehouse that it can be shipped near the destination country and reduce the transportation time has been recognized by more and more cross-border e-commerce sellers.According to statistics,Hangzhou has 295 overseas warehouses covering major trading countries such as Europe,America,Japan and some African countries(regions),and has gradually become an important support for foreign trade export enterprises to carry out localized operations.

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