China Amazon Global Selling Releases Strategic Priorities for 2022
2022-02-10 17:45

On January 22,2022,at the"Pampering the World,Winning Forever- Amazon Global Selling Online Cross-border Summit",Amazon China Global Selling announced to upgrade brand,and proposed to help export cross-border e-commerce enterprises to build global brands- - "Create new global brand pattern".

In addition,Amazon shared three strategic priorities for 2022:

I.Support sellers to deploy global business and achieve diversified expansion

1)Take advantage of global resources to build global business

At present,Amazon has opened 17 overseas sites to Chinese sellers.In addition to developed sites in North America,Europe,and Japan,the emerging sites in the Singapore site in Southeast Asia,the India site in South Asia,the Middle East and other regions all contain huge markets.

2)Global expansion is an important business opportunity for sellers'long-term development

Amazon's product innovation in global expansion focuses on two main areas:First,simplifying global operations.Second,refining the global selection.

Amazon will launch and update more global operation tools in terms of account registration,product selection,logistics and warehousing,and compliance operations.Meanwhile,Amazon will provide sellers with more data to help them understand the product selection needs of customers in different countries and improve product selection efficiency.

In addition,Amazon will continue to provide sellers with diversified business models,such as Amazon Business Purchase,Amazon Authorized Brands,Amazon Accelerator,etc.,which will help sellers expand new channels and business opportunities and achieve long-term development.

II.Improve localized services and empower sellers to digitally transform

1)Global innovation and local empowerment

Global innovation and local empowerment are the two engines for Amazon Global Selling to help Chinese sellers develop their businesses.Amazon Global Selling has established teams in 10 cities in China,and they will continue to expand regional partnerships to provide sellers with more comprehensive support.

In September 2021,based on the upgrade of Hangzhou cross-border e-commerce park,Amazon Global Selling set up Asia's first comprehensive seller training center in Hangzhou to meet the needs of sellers in different regions with one-stop training services,and cultivate and reserve cross-border e-commerce talent.

2)Expand support for Chinese sellers

Amazon Global Selling will also provide sellers with comprehensive training courses through various methods such as open courses,official WeChat,official live broadcasts and lectures for sellers to meet the learning needs of sellers at different stages.

In 2022,Amazon Global Selling will increase investment in regional teams,expand support for Chinese sellers,and provide sellers with closer services.

III.Prompt sellers to build global brands and create long-term value

1)Create brand,enhance brand

Data shows that 93%of Chinese sellers are aware of the importance of building a brand on Amazon,75%of Chinese sellers have confidence in creating and enhancing their brand on Amazon.However,brand building is not something that can be achieved overnight.While using the tools provided by Amazon,sellers need to put aside their focus on short-term interests,establish long-term investment determination,develop high-quality products,explore unique brand concepts,and finally obtain long-term returns on brand value. .

2)Take into account short-term performance and realize long-term brand value

Amazon provides sellers with products and services covering the entire brand cycle,including brand image and display,traffic and promotion,brand analysis and insight,and brand protection.They will continue to invest in brand building tools and product innovation and optimization to help sellers accumulate long-term brand value while taking into account short-term performance.

According to the characteristics of brand sellers at different stages of development,Amazon Global Selling has launched three major plans:starting,boosting,and leaping to meet the needs of different sellers to build brands.

The starting plan provides"from zero to one"new brands,new sellers and entrepreneurs with different dimensions including category,brand,market,advertising,etc.,covering registration,operation,brand promotion and other aspects to support the rapid start of the brand.

The boosting plan provides support and guidance for brands that have completed the initial stage and are in the rapid growth stage,which will help brands achieve growth in core indicators such as product selection,traffic attraction,conversion,and loyal fans.

The leaping plan provides deeper and broader support for sellers who have a large body and will invest in brand building for a long time,covering brand strategy development,international market expansion,etc.,which will help sellers realize the leap from Chinese brand to global brand.

These measures are aimed at promoting Chinese sellers to move towards the global value chain through the global innovation and local empowerment.Amazon hopes to build a global brand with long-term value and jointly open up a new era for Chinese brands to move towards overseas brand.

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