11 cross-border e-commerce industrial parks in Hangzhou are identified as "provincial parks"
2022-11-10 17:36

The overall scale of cross-border e-commerce in Zhejiang accounts for about one-sixth of the country,and it is the first to achieve province-wide coverage of the national cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot area.In the comprehensive evaluation by the Ministry of Commerce,the indicators of the Zhejiang cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot area are higher than the national average and that of eastern China.Hangzhou,Ningbo,and Yiwu are listed as the top ten excellent comprehensive pilot areas in China,and Zhejiang ranks first in the country.

The cross-border e-commerce industrial park is an important part of Zhejiang's cross-border e-commerce ecosystem.39 provincial cross-border e-commerce industrial parks for 2022-2024 have been identified by the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce to further guide the scale,clustering,standardization,and quality development of cross-border e-commerce industrial parks.

Among 39 provincial cross-border e-commerce industrial parks,11 cross-border e-commerce business parks in Hangzhou were selected.These 11 parks are Xisha Park,Airport Park,West Lake Park,Xiaoshan Park,Lin'an Park,Huali 181 Community Park of China(Hangzhou)Cross-Border E-Commerce Comprehensive Pilot Zone,Global AliExpress E-Commerce Park,Canal(International)Cross-Border E-Commerce Park,Jiande West Zhejiang Cross-Border E-Commerce Industrial Park,Qimeng Cross-Border E-Commerce Industrial Park,and Hangzhou Qiantang Smart City.

From the perspective of the park,Hangzhou,as the first city of cross-border e-commerce in China,has two-thirds of the country's cross-border e-commerce retail export platforms,two-thirds of the country's top live streaming enterprises,platforms,and anchors,and 70%of the cross-border payment transaction volume is generated in Hangzhou.

In 2022,there were 52,000 cross-border e-commerce sellers in Hangzhou,219 leading enterprises with annual cross-border e-commerce transactions exceeding US$10 million;411 cross-border e-commerce brand enterprises with a scale of more than RMB 20 million,2,085 registered trademarks of cross-border e-commerce enterprises,22 cross-border e-commerce enterprises with a value of over US$100 million,and a number of new domestic brands such as Florasis and Zhang Xiaoquan scissors have spread their influence globally.

Currently,Hangzhou's cross-border e-commerce trade links 220 countries and regions,including Europe and the United States,and emerging markets along the BRI.There are 283 overseas warehouses for cross-border e-commerce,covering an area of 5.769 million square meters.

Imports and exports of cross-border e-commerce in Hangzhou from January to August 2022 were RMB 75.71 billion,up 14.61%year-on-year.Exports were RMB 62.786 billion,up 25.1%year-on-year.Now,the Hangzhou Cross-Border E-Commerce Comprehensive Pilot Zone is accelerating the upgrading of offline industrial parks,focusing on building a number of cross-border e-commerce brand bases(parks)to sea,and building a new model for cross-border e-commerce brand development.

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