China (Hangzhou) Cross-border E-commerce Comprehensive Pilot Area becomes a global gathering place for cross-border e-commerce platforms.
2022-11-09 11:29

Based on a favorable entrepreneurship and innovation ecology,Hangzhou has nurtured more than 60 platforms such as cross-border e-commerce trading,flow,payment,and supply chain services,and has become a global cluster of cross-border e-commerce platforms.

In September last year,the first comprehensive seller training center of Amazon Global Selling in Asia was officially launched and settled in Hangzhou,attracting strong attention from the industry.The cooperation between Amazon and Hangzhou Cross-Border E-Commerce Comprehensive Pilot Area has been deepening for many years,and the global seller training center has come naturally.

Dai Yifei,global vice president of Amazon and CEO of Amazon Global Selling in the Asia Pacific region,said, "Hangzhou is always at the forefront of the development of China's cross-border e-commerce industry,and the sellers in Hangzhou have an entrepreneurial spirit and strong entrepreneurial atmosphere.What’s more,the Hangzhou government has also given considerable support to the cross-border e-commerce industry.

"In just a few years,we have reaped hundreds of customers in Hangzhou who are both professional and well-advanced."Fu Bo,the founder of Shenzhen Leading Star Network Technology Co.,Ltd.,said, "coming to Hangzhou now is to provide close services for cross-border e-commerce enterprises in Hangzhou".Shenzhen Leading Star Network Technology Co.,Ltd.built an East China center in Hangzhou in 2021,mainly providing Amazon SaaS ERP software for Chinese cross-border e-commerce enterprises.And it has planned to lay out a team of 500 people with Hangzhou as the center to radiate the entire East and North China.

Shenzhen eVAT Master CO.,LTD.also has its office in Hangzhou.Han Shasha,general manager of East China,said that more than a dozen service providers in South China have landed in Hangzhou,and more are under planning.

Over the past seven years,incomplete statistics show that platforms with global influence such as Amazon Global Selling,Shopee,Wish and others have come to cooperate with China(Hangzhou)Cross-border E-commerce Comprehensive Pilot Area.Meanwhile,the annual exports of local cross-border e-commerce platforms such as AliExpress,Alibaba International Station,Lazada,Newegg,Wholee,Fordeal,Foreign Trade Express,and Jiku are about RMB 245 billion,covering more than 200 countries and regions,serving more than 600,000 SMEs.The local cross-border retail import platforms such as Tmall International and account for about half of the country's share.Hangzhou also has national leading cross-border payment institutions such as Lianlian,Pingpong,Wanlihui,and Coral Cross-Boundary,and is a global cross-border e-commerce payment center.

In the future,Hangzhou will continue to build the global best ecosystem of cross-border e-commerce,establish a"platform mindset",vigorously develop platform-based enterprises with strong leadership and radiating capabilities,and improve the customs,taxation,foreign exchange,and other supervision and cross-border payment and logistics support systems that are adapted to the characteristics of cross-border e-commerce trade,generating greater overlay and multiplier effects.

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