As the First Cross-border E-commerce Comprehensive Pilot Zone in China Promote the Development of "Six-chain fusion" With "Hangzhou Experience"
2022-09-15 18:16

According to the latest data released by the General Administration of Customs of China,China's import and export of goods trade increased by 10.4%in the first seven months of this year.Among them,as one of the new formats and new models of import and export trade,cross-border e-commerce is becoming China's driving force for foreign trade power.In the first half of this year,as China's first pilot city for Cross-border E-commerce Comprehensive Pilot Zone,Hangzhou's cross-border e-commerce import and export volume increased by 9.26%year-on-year.It guides the transformation of traditional manufacturing to the sea and eases the difficulties of logistics.

Under the overall measures,in the first half of this year,the total import and export of cross-border e-commerce in Hangzhou was 56.26 billion yuan,a year-on-year increase of 9.26%,of which exports were 46.391 billion yuan,a year-on-year increase of 21.25%.

Driven by the construction of Comprehensive Pilot Zone,as of now,Hangzhou has about 50,000 cross-border e-commerce seller stores,covering furniture,gardening,clothing and sports and other Hangzhou characteristic industries.

Wang Yongfang,director and executive deputy director of the Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce(Free Trade Commission),gave Hangzhou's experience in building the world's first-class cross-border e-commerce- "Six-chain fusion".

I.Stimulate the innovation chain

It should improve the cross-border e-commerce import and export return and exchange mechanism,launch cross-border e-commerce export tax rebate facilitation service measures,expand customs supervision mode codes"9710"and"9810"exports,and focus on cross-border e-commerce transactions,payment,and logistics. ,customs clearance,tax rebates,foreign exchange settlement and other"six links"technical standards,international rules and information construction and other aspects of the first trial.

II.Improve the industrial chain

Deeply implement the three-year doubling plan of the cross-border e-commerce industry,and actively attract international first-class corporate headquarters or regional headquarters to settle in Hangzhou.By the end of 2025,Hangzhou's cross-border e-commerce import and export volume will exceed 25 billion US dollars,cultivate and gather more than 30 leading digital trade platforms with an annual transaction volume of more than 10 billion yuan,and cultivate 500 cross-border brand enterprises with an annual transaction volume of more than 10 million US dollars above.

III.Strengthen the talent chain

Host China's first cross-border e-commerce college with Zhejiang Gongshang University;host the only training center for Amazon's global store in Asia-Pacific,and promote Alibaba's"G100",eBay's"E Youth",and Google's"Ten Hundred Thousands"Talent cultivation plan;introduce and cultivate high-level talents of cross-border e-commerce,and create a highland for cross-border e-commerce talents.

IV.Optimize the service chain

Implement the special action of"e-acquisition of global Hangzhou products to go overseas".Build four major centers including the Global Cross-border E-commerce Brand Research Center.Build the country's first"multi-layer structure+ intelligent"airport international cargo terminal,support self-built and leased cross-border e-commerce bonded warehouses and warehouses,and support market players in opening up freight routes and logistics trains.

V.Unblock the financial chain

Support cross-border payment institutions in Hangzhou to apply for global licenses,promote financial institutions to directly handle cross-border e-commerce collection and settlement,and create a national cross-border e-commerce payment highland.Accelerate the linkage of investment and loan,guide social capital to establish cross-border e-commerce industry funds,and cooperate with financial institutions to establish cross-border e-commerce financing product"Hang Kua Loan",focusing on solving the"financing difficulties"of small and medium-sized cross-border e-commerce enterprises.

VI.Upgrade the policy chain

Hangzhou will formulate a new version of the cross-border e-commerce policy,cultivate market players,stimulate internal vitality,and encourage cross-border e-commerce to become bigger and stronger;support enterprises to expand the market,encourage the development of professional service providers,independent stations,and overseas warehouses,and build cross-border e-commerce.To develop a global brand;increase the strength of attracting the best,improve the energy level of the park,and enhance the stamina for sustainable development.

Next,Hangzhou will guide and cultivate more cross-border e-commerce talents to gather in Hangzhou through the integration of the innovation chain,industrial chain,talent chain,service chain,financial chain and policy chain,and formulate a new round of cross-border accelerate the establishment of a world-class cross-border e-commerce demonstration center.

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