Tiktok has become the next new traffic entrance for cross-border E-commerce
2020-04-02 09:53

Tiktok has become the next new traffic entrance for cross-border e-commerce,iktok has become the next indisputable new traffic entrance for cross-border e-commerce.According to the data,in February this year,tiktok became the application with the highest download volume in the world(non game,integrated IOS and Google play).It ranked first in the application download volume in the United States,India,Brazil and other countries.

Tiktok test shopping cart function,test native video advertising business and other actions undoubtedly give cross-border e-commerce practitioners great imagination space.At the beginning of this year,tiktok gathered more than a dozen agents and announced that it would start to work globally from 2020 to open commercial ports to more countries,which made the industry firmly determined to seize the track.

Before the commercial realization of tiktok,how can cross-border e-commerce enterprises seize the flow dividend?

Want to be tiktok's first maintenance account

For a long time,cross-border sellers'recognition of the short video service market has remained on the old Facebook,twitter,youtube and other platforms.The popularity of tiktok in the world has also made sellers'demands rush in.

Any user who enters tiktok must first have a certain flow pool,that is,a certain number of interactive users.From the completion rate of video,to the forwarding rate,comments,likes rate of users,as well as the reply to users,are very important links in the early stage of traffic pool.At this time,it should be noted that the account weight of tiktok is very important.

1.For the"zombie number"that has been ignored for a long time,the zombie powder on the account has no effect on the growth of its traffic pool.

2.For the initial account with daily playback volume between 100-500,tiktok will have traffic support at a very fast speed;for some accounts recommended by tiktok,especially those with original video or relatively high-quality video,the daily playback volume can reach thousands of times,and the breakthrough of its weight and the future outbreak point are relatively large.

3,TikTok and domestic version of the jitter sounds like,accounts need to maintain,but can not invest too much,deliberately tiktok account,brush powder,brush point praise,brush comments and other actions.

Hangzhou yitangke Information Technology Co.,Ltd.is the official service provider of many cross-border e-commerce platforms,launched tiktok business in early 2019,and has helped many member enterprises settle in tiktok.Zombie fans,the general manager of Tom,told the billion power that once the brush numbers were painted,zombies would probably be painted.This would be of no benefit to the video content playback.If TikTok was using the algorithm of the jitter content,the TikTok tiktok,the amount of play and the number of comments should be a certain ratio.Otherwise,the ratio anomaly will be at risk of being banned.

4.To improve the forwarding rate of the account,and fans'comments are also very important.In addition to the video itself,tiktok users will also pay attention to the content of video comments,so comments will directly affect the quality of the account.

Many cross-border sellers will consider the issue of zero video playback.But in Tom's view,whether it's doing the jitter,TikTok or cross-border e-commerce platform,it has to do more accounts operation and test,do more new numbers,and choose a viable core account to cultivate tiktok,and the rest accounts can be done in many comments and interactive ways.

At the end of the day,whether it's services on tiktok or the seller's own account,the quality of the account determines the power to drain.If there are many fans,any video can be pushed.

Building flow matrix with funnel model

Before doing TikTok,cross-border e-commerce enterprises should first make clear why they want to do TikTok and determine the purpose before they know why they do drainage action in the end.

At present,the common drainage mode is basically online red belt goods or paid advertising.It is reported that one classroom also operates many accounts on tiktok,including the account with blue V certification. "For advertising accounts,customers will have traffic as long as they are willing to burn money,but it's hard to say whether the traffic is accurate or not."

"In addition,the habits and preferences of foreigners are still different from those of Chinese people.At present,the ability to bring goods online is not yet evaluated,but the combination of online red plus brands must be a better way to cash in the future."Tom said.

It is understood that at this stage,the purpose of doing tiktok's cross-border e-commerce is mainly to import traffic into independent stations or Amazon and other e-commerce platforms,and whether it is through advertising or video shooting or moving,the ultimate goal must be to realize.So,Tom says,be sure to find the right way.Several examples of drainage realization are listed:

1、The one with the highest video rating can get gifts,and the seller can post in the highest comments.

2、Accurate recommendation,using the local mobile phone number and language as account guide,using local music,voice and other local cultural elements in the video to gain local user awareness.

3、The title of video should be attractive,which can guide users'consciousness.

4、Brush several videos every day,but pay attention to the quality of the video,not the quantity.

So,how can cross-border sellers systematically build their own drainage matrix according to category characteristics?To this end,Tom said that for all products,to build a drainage matrix in depth,it should be in a funnel state from large to small,and his products should be classified into one,two and three categories to build,which is also a popular way at present.

"It's the logic of this kind of funnel playing method to"fish out of the big pool".In the general direction,we should first attract some target audiences,then select precise users and find people who are willing to buy their own products. "

According to Tom,different short videos can be produced for different products,but the only one remains the same。

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